Online Revision Platform

An innovative online revision system designed specifically for medical students preparing for MRCEM (Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine) and FRCEM (Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine) exams. It offers a comprehensive range of features tailored to enhance exam preparation, including user registration for personalized learning experiences, seamless subscription purchases with integrated payment options, interactive revision sessions and simulated mock exams to assess and strengthen knowledge. It goes beyond basic feedback, providing detailed result analysis, statistics, and valuable insights to identify areas of improvement and track progress over time. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the platform empowers medical students to maximize their exam performance and achieve success in MRCEM and FRCEM with confidence.

Category: Website / CRM

Domain: Education / Medical

Tech stack: Symfony(PHP) / Nginx / MariaDB/ Bootstrap / jQuery / Webpack / Node.js / Elasticsearch / Redis

Job Management Tool

Job management tool is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. With its robust features, this tool empowers you to efficiently manage clients and their associated jobs, providing real-time status updates and task tracking. Seamlessly integrated with a client appointment system and calendar, you can effortlessly schedule and manage appointments, ensuring smooth client interactions. Additionally, it offers a sophisticated employee scheduling module, enabling you to assign tasks, track leaves, and optimize resource allocation. The reporting functionality provides valuable insights and analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making. With advanced master data management (MDM), you can maintain a centralized repository of client and employee information, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, the tool offers granular permission settings, ensuring data security and privacy. From small businesses to large enterprises, this job management tool is your ultimate companion for efficient, organized, and hassle-free operations.

Category: Webapp / SaaS

Domain: Service Industry / Interior Design Service

Tech stack: Symfony(PHP) / Nginx / MariaDB/ Bootstrap / jQuery / Webpack / Node.js / Elasticsearch / Redis


Purooz is a cutting-edge real estate website that offers an array of user-friendly features for a seamless property search experience. With its quick user registration and login process, users can swiftly access the platform and begin exploring a vast range of properties. The website boasts an intuitive property search function, enabling users to filter and refine their results based on specific criteria. Each property is showcased on its own detail page, providing comprehensive information, high-quality images, and virtual tours. Purooz also allows users to save their favorite properties for future reference and easily submit contact requests to agents. The platform offers an efficient property management system, empowering agents to effortlessly manage their listed properties, while advanced reporting tools provide valuable insights into their performance. With a robust CRM system in place, Purooz ensures effective communication and streamlined interactions between agents and buyers. Additionally, the website employs a role-based permission system, ensuring secure access and control over sensitive data.

Category: Website / Portal

Domain: Real Estate

Tech stack: Symfony(PHP) / Nginx / MariaDB/ Bootstrap / jQuery / Webpack / Node.js / Elasticsearch / Redis

Health Care System

Introducing HealthCarePro, a comprehensive web application designed specifically for the healthcare domain. With a user-friendly interface and robust functionality, HealthCarePro streamlines essential administrative tasks and enhances efficiency. The application offers a range of features including employee management, enabling healthcare organizations to easily track and manage their workforce, assign roles and responsibilities, and monitor employee performance. Holidays and leave management ensure smooth scheduling and accurate staffing, while rota management optimizes shift allocation and minimizes conflicts. Service users management allows for efficient tracking of patient records, appointments, and treatment plans. Incident management facilitates prompt reporting and resolution of any critical events or issues that arise. Competencies management ensures that staff members possess the required skills and qualifications for their respective roles. Document management enables secure storage and easy access to important healthcare documents and records. Lastly, the training management feature assists in organizing and monitoring staff training sessions, ensuring continuous professional development. HealthCarePro empowers healthcare organizations to streamline operations, enhance employee productivity, and deliver superior care to their patients.

Category: Webapp

Domain: Health Care

Tech stack: React / Express / Node.js / MariaDB / Elasticsearch / Redis


A remarkable web app template crafted with a captivating user interface (UI) and an enchanting user experience (UX), built using cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap, and Webpack. This template is meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional digital journey to its users. With HTML5, the template embraces the latest web standards, enabling seamless interactivity and enhanced multimedia integration. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap, it ensures responsiveness across various devices, ensuring a visually stunning and consistent experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices alike. Moreover, Webpack empowers the template with efficient module bundling, enabling faster loading times and effortless scalability. Every element of the UI is thoughtfully crafted, featuring modern design principles, sleek aesthetics, and intuitive navigation. The template’s delightful UX is achieved through thoughtful user flows, smooth transitions, and interactive features that engage and delight users. From seamless form submissions to visually pleasing animations, every detail is designed to create a memorable and enjoyable user experience. This web app template is not just visually impressive but also highly functional, with a robust underlying architecture that ensures performance, security, and maintainability. Whether you’re building a corporate website, a SaaS application, or an e-commerce platform, this template provides a solid foundation to showcase your brand and captivate your audience.

Category: Webapp / Starter Template

Domain: Web Development

Tech stack: HTML5 / Bootstrap / Webpack / Node.js

Lepus Payroll

Our SaaS-based payroll application is a comprehensive solution that streamlines payroll processes with its robust features. With advanced employee management capabilities, businesses can effortlessly handle their workforce data, including personal details, attendance, and leave management. Our tailor-made salary calculations ensure accurate and timely payments, considering factors such as taxes, deductions, and bonuses. The application’s custom reporting feature empowers users to generate insightful reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into payroll expenses, employee costs, and more. Additionally, our full-fledged permission system ensures data security and allows for granular access control. Experience hassle-free payroll management with our feature-rich SaaS application, designed to simplify and optimize your payroll operations.

Category: Webapp / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Domain: Human Resource

Tech stack: Core PHP / Nginx / MariaDB / Node.js